Our Purpose


We at Zero India are building a virtual community of people who wish to create change. We need to build this community of young passionate minds so that these people record the last quarter of the 100 years of independence. Zero India aims to connect various communities in India and spread awareness and ameliorate living standards both virtually and in reality.


In a world of propaganda and whataboutery, when content consumption is speeding at the pace of 100 videos per second – finding the truth in a sea of misinformation becomes extremely hard.

Zero India believes in the power of dialogue and community building that is rooted in guided awareness and factual information. We wish to start a dialogue of the future among people and organizations with critical design thinking for the years to come. By zeroing we would like to set out an action agenda to accelerate the scale-up of high-quality solutions and unlock markets through the combined efforts of business leaders, policy-makers, and civil society.

Who we are and the change we are seeking

Zero India started as a social experiment in 2020. As young professionals, we'll be working together to make a difference by taking ownership of our work and responsibility to change the system. Zero India emphasizes the futures’ generative dialogue among current and future stakeholders of India. 


​Focusing on India, the commune aims to develop the idea of a progressive and realistic nation seen in 1947 after independence under the constitution. Through our services, design initiatives, and development projects we aspire to create products and undertake projects across the world. We wish to identify transformational ideas by facilitating small networks of creative thinkers and communities. Aiming to understand local "project process" and introducing one or more new "capabilities of transformation" into everyday thinking and activities of local communities in order to determine what resonates and what doesn't.  

Finding Leadership

Design is the basis of our thinking and how we make our decisions in our day-to-day lives. It is important for us to focus on our basics and work hard to fuel this time with innovative ideas. Zero India's vision is to uplift our design community and create a better tomorrow every day and strive to fulfil those dreams in the coming years to come, which was well crafted in the constitution. As we are ushering into this new age of changing lifestyles, we are running out of time. To unfold this dream into a reality we all need to put efforts as a commune.

To create a better tomorrow, we need to start by changing social norms that restrict our children from following their dreams. Zeroing as a platform will allow everyone to have ownership of their past, present, and history, which often gets written by people and institutions in power. Zeroing is a re-imagining of how community engagement should be done.


Join the commune as we are the leaders of tomorrow.

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