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After 75 years of Independence, education and awareness lack between the divisions of our society. Lack of reforms in the policy and education system narrowed down the reach for it in the lower sections of the society. In the coming years, it is important that professionals come together and create a holistic environment that was imagined and well crafted in the constitution. 

We all know that voting is important, but why so? Because by voting, citizens are essentially participating in a country's democratic process and are indirectly voicing out their opinions. Similarly, virtually every person should have the right to voice their story and get the power to create change for their community. Zeroing as an initiative of Zero India is a step ahead to power the voice of reality.

With help of Zeroing, we wish to record what people perceive and relate and then channelize the information in an appropriate way. Zeroing is all about designing the happenings of the present and presenting it appropriately for all.

We are finding Agents of Change in India.

Agents of Change for
New India

We believe that change is the only constant and we want to keep a track of your change. We are living in an independent India and still, we have been away from the basic knowledge of our surroundings. It's the need of time that we all as individuals, organizations and private entities come together and begin with the dialogue of the coming 100 years of Independence. For the generations to come it is important we come together and start now with change.

Do you believe you are an agent of change? Let us find out together the needs of the time in the coming future.

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Help us write history.

Join the commune and let us talk to create an inclusive environment where all ideologies can breathe openly together as we take pride in our numbers and diversity.

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