Modern slavery

Modern slavery isn’t just about exploiting the vulnerabilities. It is taking away ones freedom of choice, being restricting from his own decision of working according to his will by threat, bondage, deception, violence and power. Unlike the slavery in olden times this isn’t hidden, apparently, very much seen through the naked eyes. Although, every strategy that is controlling the slavery from times is changed but the ultimate factor, power is still the major aspect driving this by any means. 

         Life is always been the same from ancient days, it is just the change in lifestyle. Likewise, the salavery always happend for financial freedoms of some one else. Despite all the changes in law, science and practices the slavery still exist over 130 countries holding 21 million people who are turning into sex workers, labourers forcibily through trafficking. Globalisation is acting blind knowing all these things.

         Slavery now has gone to another level where people unknowingly getting addicted to something just to make someone financially free by giving away their time by killing their priorities. We can say globalisation had changed the very meaning of slavery now.

Category 1

Corporate Slavery